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“He was like a mirror to her! He made her hate him when she hated herself and made her love him when she finally learned how to love her own self…”

Her old school was a nightmare for her, so Kaia is anything but happy to go back there in her last year. But she is different now and she hopes to correct the bad impression her schoolmates had of her. That turns out to be near impossible, because Demian, the boy who bullied her so much in the past is determined to make her life hell unless she falls in love with him. A story about an illegal virtual world and a few teenagers who are trying to save a girl in a coma that is trapped in between realities…

Psychological drama, school love, virtual reality and hopefully a few touches of comedy…


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Ch.59 – A Chemical reaction – Part 1

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It may be just a chemical reaction, but the fact is that in spite of her bewilderment and resistance, Kaia still has been affected by her most hated enemy!

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