Ch.43 – Unmasked – 1

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Yep, crying is not a solution, but when you have a heavy load of unhappy memories, or thoughts, it helps to at least to relieve the pain a little bit. Otherwise it just stays within you and poisons you for much longer. The demons in this story are not what we usually call demons. They are just visualizations of the thoughts that bring sad, angry, unhappy feelings. All those feelings that make us feel not very good. Virtual demons attack only if you have similar vibrations like theirs. If a person is happy, marry or calm, they won’t even see him/her. As Kaia feels helpless and probably mocked at after being kissed, she felt bad enough to be attacked by the torns. And the demon hunter… he seemed to be untouchable at first, but as Kaia was hit, he seemed to have lost his calm and he was also hit by the unhappy venom of the demon. It feels like a physical pain, but it is in fact a pain in your soul.

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