Ch.40 – Not Mad Enough – 3

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I have introduced a few words that are specific for the Moon Valley. Here they are:

v-conns – a virtual connecting device. This is the device that connects a person to the virtual environment.

a torn– this is a demon, that has been torn apart from the creator (the person that had a bad thought or strong negative feeling creates those demons)

wasp – the demon hunters in the Moon Valley are called wasps because of their behaviour and their black and yellow attire.

v-net – virtual Network

The virtual world is a place for creating, a bit like Minecraft. But it is much more complicated and evolved. A person creates there with his thoughts and imagination. But the imagination of a mind that is not disciplined may focus not only on the things it wants to create. That’s how demons are created. And that’s why there is a legal and illegal v-net. Only people who has studied to discipline their minds can receive permission to use a v-Conn.  The Moon Valley is an illegal virtual net, that’s why it is full of demons.

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