Ch.18 – I will make you care!

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So Demian has a twin sister that stayed with his Mum and apparently he thinks she doesn’t have much affection for him. His Dad is probably too busy with work and the new family he created. But … such an adorable little sister thinks he is the best… well.. what is he even complaining from? 🙂

The real problem he has now is Lily. Lily, who is obsessed with him and now has the ability to see what he is doing and what he is saying. And she can see very well that he is not thinking about her very much! She is obviously not among those that he cares for, since he is convinced that the ones that he loves usually end up hating him. And she’s never hidden how much in love she is with him.

She is in a coma, but her conscience is awake in a virtual world much more dangerous than the Moon Valley. Because now she can connect with every v-con and use its sensors to see and hear how real people talk and act when they think she is not around.

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