Ch.13 – Infected

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Drawing the virtual world is so much fun. It was a challenge this time, as I had to draw a background and I am not very good at backgrounds so it takes a lot of time until I am satisfied. I tried a few new brushes as well. I learned how to do those in the tutorial from Fany: Ikou’s tutorials.

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  • Ana

    Something creepy coming behind her back!…

  • Jeyalux

    The digitalized background was really cool too. Did you use any other tutorials to help you draw anything from this series? The tutorial you posted above was really well done. I also like your own tutorials you make for drawing your own characters.

    • Ana

      Thank you so much for your nice words and the encouragement . About the tutorials… I use a lot of references. When I need a sky I look for images of the sky and pick from here and there whatever I need. I looked at some Videos about photoshop brushes as well on YouTube. It is still a challenge for me to draw backgrounds but as I learn a lot of stuff I mean to share them at some point. The most important advice I’ve received was to make your own brushes so that your art would look unique. So I refrained from using the grass brush from photoshop and made my own one. It is very easy in fact.