Ch.6 – What a bad luck!!

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Kaia suddenly remembers who that guy is… The boy who bullied her years ago was standing all grown up in front of her now.

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  • Hellabok

    Hello, I have read until now and thought you might want to get some comments. I think you draw well. I especially like the houses and landscapes as well the artistic blurs and effects etc. The story is a bit slow for me. Perhaps it could be condensed a bit more. I like the scrolling down as it’s easy. First arriving on your website you might want to insert a start here button that takes you to the beginning. Now the chapter division on the front page gives a non-continuous story impression if you know what I mean. I watched all of your tutorials on drawing and they were interesting. I’m just starting to experiment with photoshop. Keep up the good work and more readers will find your story. Elias

    • Ana

      Thank you so much for commenting and I like the advices you gave me a lot! I’ve been suspecting for sometime that the story may be a bit slower than is to most people liking and now that somebody actually said it to me, I finally know what I should concentrate on to improve in! You are the first person to comment on this site and I am very happy 🙂 Thank you again for the encouragement! I have to go now! I have a start here button to make!:) And to draw some more, hopefully with a faster pacing!;)