Fighting the no readers blues

From my personal ecxperience and from a lot of stuff I have read, the things one want to happen most, happen really slow or don’t happen at all. Why is that? There is a reason for that which is really hard to explain. It is has something to do with how the universe work… If you care too much, to the extent that it brings you down when you don’t see the desired results, that means you are on the wrong track and you won’t have those results anytime soon. If you want something to happen really really a lot, work and fight is not enough. You must have the mind of someone that has already acomplished that. And those that have accomplished their goal certainly don’t want this thing to happen really really a lot, but look at it as something normal. So… one has to calm down and not take things too much to heart… enjoy what he is doing or work hard as if he has thousands of fans already and a lot of responsibility. That’s how it works.
Has is worked for me? Well, yes. There are things in my life that after I went through a lot of pain , I stopped caring so much and only after that happened, they worked out. But the comic – I still haven’t figured out how not to care. I guess I’ll have to endure some more pain before I get wiser. smile Drawing comics is still evoking too much passion and strong desire in me, so my mind is not at peace at all.